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Areas of interest to muzzle loaders, reenactors, &  students of history......
M.L.M.L. home page- articles on muzzle loaders, history, recipes ( the squirrel stew looks good! ), sutlers, etc.
1764 manual exercise- a must-see for brown bess fans
PBS.org- tons of very well done sites! Check out the interactive Lewis & Clark expedition....
Shea's Mountain Web Design- Web page's for the rest of us...
send me your favorite links, related to any aspect of the muzzleloading experience, & I will include them here......
Mountain State Muzzleloading- the whole catalog, online!
Places to shoot- all over the world!
JP Gunstocks- custom rifles
Lac Superieur Exploration Co.- Lots of stuff for trekkers,plus period music on every page
Log Cabin Shop- Online catalog & info.
Moscow Hide & Fur- You name it, they've got it
Lyman Products Corp.- Shooting products
King's Rangers- Roger's Ranger's reenactors w/ lots of info. & photos
Knappers Anonymous- Flint knapping
Great Northern Trade Co.-Browse this on-line catalog
Native Web-primitive tech. How-to's of yesteryear's technology, including "Braintanning- less instruction with more results"
Braintan.com- over 80 pages of info. an excellent site!
Smoke & Fire News-get a subscription or check out the online catalog
Semencic.com-everything from flint & steel to cleaning your muzzleloader. A must see....
Tennessee Valley Manufacturing- excellent rifles & pistols. ( I should know, I just bought a beautiful southern  rifle from them! )
Fort Boone's Mercantile - Buckskinner stuff!
Archery & muzzleloading equipment
Reamerrentals.com- muzzle reamers & such, for rent!
Frontier Silks- Period clothing & accouterments for both Pre-1840 & 1860 time frames. Good local ( Alpine, Ca. ) source, now online!
Sew-It-Seams- Excellent source for period correct clothing , handmade & top-quality. I have known michelle for years & highly recommend her clothing.
civil war- an illinois soldier- diary of union army veteran jefferson moses
reenactor.net-all periods of historical reenacting
davide pedersoli- online catalog
arrow moccasins-fine mocs
mountain men & the fur trade-tons of real good info. here! check it out!
ronnyvoos!- very nice site, some good stuff -including a fur trade whiskey recipe
coon-n-crockett.org- excellent site, home of the "almost comeplete list of muzzleloading links"!
Black Powder Map & Shooters  Page- check out the map & add yourself!
McClintock Saddle Works- The finest in hand-made period saddles, custom saddles & accoutrements. Great local  (Descanso, Ca.) source.
Ted Cash Mnftg.- Excellent cappers & more!
Crooked Hand- Hand made powder horns
Double Edge Forge- Hand made, period-correct knives
Shayna L. Sweigart- Hand made sashes, straps & such...
The Leatherman- Traditional leather products, shooting bags, etc.
Building a muzzle loader from a kit- Step by step how-to's with photo's!
Point Blankets- Top Quality, period correct, by  Montana Shepherds Market.
TIMELY ACCESSORIES-Outfitters to shootists and buckskinners. Tucson, Arizona
Buckhorn Trading Company- Period correct, handmade accoutrements for the discriminating skinner!
The Backwoods Tin Shop has been producing fine, hand made items from tin, copper and stainless steel since 1994.
Mazatzal Mountain Muzzleloaders an NMLRA affiliated club in Phoenix, Az.
Powder Horn Clan an NMLRA affiliated, primitive club in Az.
Fire From Steel The best fire steel you'll ever own!
Muzzleloading Life- A new muzzleloading forum based on the West Coast!
Affordable Custom Gun Builder!